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This is a great meat base for a raw food diet!
Single Ground Rabbit

Single Ground Rabbit, includes head, bones, organ meats, packed in 3 lb packages.

3 lb pkg $14.40

Double Coarse Ground Rabbit

Coarse Double Ground. Bringing back our first double ground product for those of you that prefer a smaller bone size, but not to the very fine double coarse ground.

3 lb pkg $14.90

Double Fine Ground Rabbit

Extra Fine double ground as recommended by Dr Pierson's site www.catinfo.org. The bone in this grind is very fine. This meat is difficult to package, but we are trying to keep it in stock as much as possible.

3 lb pkg $17.10

Whole Rabbit skinned, includes head, bones, organ meats, no feet, weights average 3-4 pounds each.
Special order less the head is $1 more per rabbit ordered.

Whole rabbit is ordered by the pound and we juggle different sized rabbits to get the poundage ordered. It can be ordered by each quantities (ie 10 rabbits) but weight will have to be determined at the time the order is weighed out and can cause delays in shipping.

$4.80/lb skinned

New for whole prey feeders!

Whole rabbits; Skin on.

.75lbs to 5lb (no size choice) $2.30/lb.
All packages will have the weight of the rabbit rounded down to the nearest 1/10 of a pound.
If you need specific sizes see REPTILE PAGE.

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